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We invite you to purchase and peruse a copy of our brand-new “Process Book”—no longer a catalog, but a window into how and why we do what we do. The result of nearly six years of study and development, it was conceived by our former assistant designer, Alexis Caldero, and designed by longtime collaborator Asad Pervaiz.

This book is a compilation of essays, drawings, and photographs, some newly developed and others uncovered by Asad and Alexis from deep within the archives. To pay tribute to fine craftsmanship, we had it printed and handbound in Italy using special paper and an exposed spine structure. To honor my father’s pioneering work, the cover unfolds to reveal a large-scale, double-sided poster with his original drawings on the underside. Like a Nakashima piece, it is the culmination of much effort and builds on ideals that my father held dear.

This Process Book acts as our first step in building a relationship based on trust and integrity, an invitation to become familiar with our foundations and identify what you’re hoping to achieve in working with us. I hope you will explore and enjoy this journey as much as we have.



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