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“If properly lived with, our furniture becomes a tangible chronicle of people’s lives as it ages.”

– Mira Nakashima

Using George Nakashima Woodworker’s certified repair and refinishing service ensures that your piece will be restored properly and maintain its value for years to come. Repairs are performed by our highly trained craftspeople in accordance with our time-honored finishing process. During restoration, we will sand and refinish your piece using our traditional tung oil finish. If additional work is required, we will offer our recommendations as to required repairs in keeping with George Nakashima aesthetic and design intent. If further repairs are needed they will be made exactly to the specifications of the original unless structural revisions are necessary.

Our recommendations and estimate may be obtained by email or phone. However, a final assessment is needed once the piece arrives at the Studio. At that time, our craftspeople will evaluate the refinishing and/or repair necessary and discuss the possible solutions.

We will happily manage all shipping arrangements.



As the sole archival source of George Nakashima’s order records from the 1950s to present day, we are readily equipped to fulfill your authentication and insurance valuation needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for Nakashima Furniture

  • How do I maintain ordinary upkeep of my piece?

    In normal, everyday use, our tung oil finish will allow years of enjoyment. For guidance on ordinary upkeep, you may download our Notes on Care.

    If a more intensive restoration is needed, please click on the Restoration Inquiry button above.

  • There is a watermark on my new piece - what do I do?

    These things happen. Fortunately, your piece was carefully hand-rubbed with a tung oil finish, which allows for these small hiccups to be amended with ease.

Placing an Order

  • Where can I find pricing?

    Aside from chairs, most all our pieces are priced individually based on size, quality, and rarity of the wood selected as well as complexity of labor. A good place to get a sense of baseline pricing would be our Process Book.

    Direct inquiries are always welcome at (215) 862 – 2272 or

  • Where can I see Nakashima pieces firsthand?

    The best place to see and experience our pieces is here at the Nakashima Studio, but several galleries around the world exhibit our pieces. Please contact us directly for a listing of current exhibitions.

  • Where can Nakashima pieces be purchased?

    Mira and her team are ready and available to craft a piece designed just for you at our studio. We’ll work with you to personally select the wood from our collection and take you through the design process. If you are unable to visit, this can be done remotely.

    Occasionally we offer pieces straight off the floor for immediate purchase. A current listing of available pieces is kept at here under Floor Pieces.

  • How long does it take to have a piece made?

    Since our pieces vary widely in size and intricacy of joinery, the lead-time for our work varies as well. To give you a sense of why this is, each piece is crafted from beginning to end by a single craftsperson—one of six in our main shop. Once the design of your piece is determined, we will be able to provide an estimated completion date.

  • How is shipping arranged?

    We have a select group of shippers who fully understand our work at Nakashima. When your piece is nearing completion, we will contact you with a quote for your approval. Once approved, the shipper will work with you to arrange a delivery time. Shipping charges are paid directly to the shipper.

    You are more than welcome to arrange shipping through a vendor of your choosing. Your piece will be paper-wrapped at our studio. If needed, crating and blankets should be supplied by the shipper.

    Regarding the receipt of restoration pieces, we can help find a shipper for you if you are unable to deliver to the studio in person.

Visiting the Property

  • Do I need to arrange an appointment to view examples of your work?

    No appointment is necessary during our Saturday Studio Hours, 1pm-4:30pm. A phone call, however, is always welcome. The more our designers are able to anticipate your vision, the better they’ll be able to prepare for your visit. More information on our design process is available here.

    For design appointments Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm, please call (215) 862 – 2272.

  • Which buildings are open during your Saturday Studio Hours?

    Our Showroom, Conoid Studio, Chair Department and Finishing Room are open Saturday afternoons between 1pm and 4:30pm. As this is private property where heavy equipment is being used and where the Nakashima family still lives, we ask that privacy be respected on the rest of the property.

    For more information on visiting and arranging tours of the property, visit the Nakashima Foundation for Peace.

  • Is photography allowed on the property?

    Photography is allowed outdoors, but we ask that you refrain from taking photos while inside the buildings.

Restoration Inquiry

To help guide our evaluation and estimate of work, please provide an overall image of your piece along with a detailed description of the issue or damage.

We welcome direct inquiries. Please call us at (215) 862 – 2272 or reach out via email at to speak with our team.

Original Owner?

Inquire: Authentication & Valuation

To help guide our evaluation and estimate of work, please provide an image of your piece along with a detailed description of your request.

We welcome direct inquiries. Please call us at (215) 862 – 2272 or reach out via email at to speak with our team.

I am inquiring about (please check at least one):

Order Card CopySigned Authentication LetterPhoto AssessmentInsurance & Replacement Valuation

Original Owner?

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