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Michener Museum Installation View, Nakashima Looks.
Installation view of "Nakashima Looks" at Michener Art Museum. Mira Nakashima's "Concordia Chair" and a music stand by her father, George Nakashima, are in the foreground. Paul Boger.

“Michener Museum gives furniture fanciers two new reasons for a Bucks County day trip.

A music stand and a chair face one another in “Nakashima Looks: Studio Furniture at the Michener,” one of two current exhibitions on furniture at the Michener Art Museum.

George Nakashima designed the stand, and the shelf that holds the music has a free edge — the ragged, natural look that expresses Nakashima’s reverence for the life of the trees from which his furniture was made. The chair was designed by his daughter, Mira, for a chamber music group that wanted to make a visual statement on stage in chairs that offered maximum flexibility. The two pieces were not meant to go together. In the Michener show, though, they seem to be in dialogue. The music stand is vertical and imposing, the chair is open and receptive…”


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